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The AORB (Air to Orbit Remote Broadcaster) is a 3D model concept. It's purpose is for transmitting signals to an onboard device located in a vessel such as a spacecraft, and or satellites, for the user to obtain remote access.


The AORB is normally secured within the spacecraft when its not being used, and is removed only when the pilot or owner wishes to leave the ship in orbit, but also wants remote control and access without physically being onboard. The device is especially useful for when the ship's initial docking location is too far to reach during an on foot expedition. The pilot or owner can then enter new coordinates for their vessel to reach them at a more suitable pickup location. 

This rendered version of the concept model was designed in a way to convey a backstory and history through this particular units life. The component was given a worn-out aesthetic that could be expected from a device that has been carried around for a long period of time through different environments and scenarios.



Completed in 2020.

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